WP 3 (Biology, ecology and control of Drosophila suzukii)


WP 3 (Biology, ecology and control of Drosophila suzukii) is aimed at providing information on biology, ecology and indications for control of D. suzukii in the specific environment of Trento Province, integrating literature with laboratory and field research. Understanding biological and ecological factors influencing feeding, survival, and reproduction is crucial in order to understand and forecast the current and future distribution and population dynamics of D. suzukii.
Attention shall be paid to both the spatial
(distribution at large and small scales) and temporal scale (seasonal variation in abundance). Coupling high resolution techniques (such as geo location) with basic biological knowledge (e.g. life cycle, life history traits and host preference) will allow the prediction of the fine scale distribution, pest pressure maps and degree day models, allowing reliable estimates of D. suzukii impact and economic losses.

Drosophila suzukii Drosophila suzukii on raspberry D. Suzukii: danno mirtilli

This will improve the choices in sanitation, management and socio-economical procedures, and, as a consequence, improve the effectiveness of pest management decisions.

WP leaders:
Dr Gianfranco Anfora, DASB, FEM-CRI, Italy
Dr Claudio Ioriatti, FEM-CTT, Italy