WP 4 (Spatial Models)


WP 4 (Spatial Models) will address the assessment of the distributional limit of Ae. albopictus, Ae. koreicus and Drosophila suzukii. Currently, no potential distribution maps exist for Ae. koreicus and Drosophila suzukii while the existing maps for Ae. albopictus require continuous updates (Roiz et al., 2011).
Driving factors for winter survival and the life developmental cycle will be spatialized in
this WP using a new time series of gap-filled MODIS Land Surface Temperature maps starting from the year 2000. The limited knowledge of the ecology and biology of Ae. koreicus and Drosophila suzukii in Europe require the development of new spatio-temporal models. Further numerous products derived from MODIS data including Land Surface Temperature (LST), vegetation indices (NDVI and EVI) and snow cover are made available by NASA which will be used in the spatial model. The resulting integrated maps will show the potential distribution of the species under study in relation to climatic variability. The maps will be further validated with entomological field records of known invasion area.

WP leader: Dr Markus Neteler, DBEM, FEM-CRI, Italy