WP 6 (Risk assessment and economic evaluation)


WP 6 (Risk assessment and economic evaluation) activity will be focused on economic evaluation analysis of alternative control measures which is increasingly becoming a critical component for policy decision making which allows better and more in depth understanding of the specific burden of disease associated to a particular infection and the related costs (Buxton et al., 1997). Public health interventions against the spread of mosquito-borne infections, as will be considered in WP5, will have major economic implications from both the societal and governments perspectives. The economic impact will be evaluated especially for the mosquitoes species and quantified using the epidemiological scenarios produced by the modelling tools (WP5) and taking into account direct and indirect costs that will be generated from the alternative interventions. The analysis of the potential costs of an epidemic, together with the epidemiological information, could help make crucial decisions regarding when, where and how specific interventions should be put in place.

WP leader: Prof Alessia Melegaro, Università Bocconi, Italy